It’s important to do your annual checkup to stay healthy. If you cancelled or delayed your checkup due to COVID-19, you now have a safe, easy way to keep up with your health.

Get your annual health checkup at home!

At no additional cost to you, our nurse practitioners will perform your annual checkup. You’ll be able to ask questions and talk about any concerns that have come up since your last doctor’s visit. We’ll share the results of your checkup with your doctor.

My nurse practitioner was so thorough in my in-home exam. My doctor was very impressed with her evaluation and I appreciated getting the peace of mind about my health.

Mary W. InSight At Home Checkup Member

An annual checkup like you get at your doctor’s office
A summary of your health and recommendations specific to you
A review of all of the medicines you’ve been given
Answers to any questions about your health

Here’s what you can expect

At Home Checkups are available to those who qualify.
Your nurse practitioner will come to your home at a time that’s convenient for you – even nights and weekends.
We’ll send the results of your visit to your doctor.

My nurse practitioner came to my home in the evening so I didn’t have to miss work to sit and wait at the doctor’s office. Healthcare is really confusing to me, and she answered a lot of my questions. I felt like she was really on my side.

Lousia D. InSight At Home Checkup Member

Want to know if InSight is right for you?

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Give us a call or send us an email with your name, phone number, and health plan name, and someone will respond to you. We are open from 8am ET – 5pm ET week days.

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